Presentation of Self / 自我呈現

“Presentation of Self” is a set of conceptual photography which combines performance with art to present the identity of “self”, also explores the relationship between body, materiality and identity.“Self” is about “being”, it is about how to express one’s inner sides, personality, views and values. It is the soul of our body which can be decorated in different ways. Everyone dresses the way their “self” want to and they try to express their values from dressing style. But on the contrary, fashion and style became an invisible standard to investigate how this “self” is like or how it impresses us.

From these photography, there are four characters or we could say there is only one person with four different stylings. Each of them impresses viewers in various ways, viewers could probably map out the general identities of the person according to these styles. However, the “self” and its “being” have never changed. They are just covered by the clothes and understood from different perspectives.

When viewers look at the characters, they unconsciously judge and make conclusion, which is aim of the project: interact with outsiders. It is not important for me to define who they are or what they want to present, it is the subjective process of viewing which is open to everyone.

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